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New Inventory 

Massey Ferguson 1526             
4wd, 26 hp engine, w/loader& hydrostatic transmission
Massey Ferguson 1705  SOLD  Platform 4wd 22.5 hp engine, 18.7 pto hp hydrostatic transmission / optional  mid mount mower
Massey Ferguson 1734  Paltform 4wd 34 engine hp 27.2 pto hp hydrostatic transmission.
Massey Ferguson 1742 4WD W/loader 41.6 engine 32.8 pto hp synchro shuttle transmission w/ loader
Massey Ferguson  1742 4WD w/cab 41.6 engine HP 12x12 power shuttle transmission w/loader
Massey Ferguson 2604 2WD 45 engine hp 38 pto hp 8x8 mechanical transmission. 
Massey Ferguson 2605 SOLD  4wd 55 engine hpp 46hp @ pto synchro
 shuttle transmission w/loader
Massey Ferguson 4610 4wd 100 hp engine w/loader, power suttle transmission
Massey Ferguson 4707 4wd 70 hp engine, loader, power shuttle transmission
 Massey Ferguson 4708     SOLD 2wd 80 hp engine, synchro transmision
Massey Ferguson 4710    SOLD Cab, 4wd, 100hp engine, 88hp @ pto, loader, power shuttle tranmission
Massey Ferguson DM255 8.4' disc mower. Two in stock.
Massey Ferguson 5711    SOLD Cab, 4wd, 110hp engine, 99hp @ pto, loader, power shuttle transmission
Massey Ferguson 1755 Cab, 4wd, 54hp engine, 41.3hp @ PTO, loader, power shuttle transmission
Massey Ferguson 1836  Inline square baler
 Massey Ferguson 1838 inline square baler
 Massey Ferguson 1840  inline sguare baler
Massey Ferguson RK361 11' 10"working width rake
Massey Ferguson TD1635 4 rotors 6 tines per rotor tedder
Massey Ferguson DM1308 7' 11" disc mower
Massey Ferguson DM1308 7' 11" disc mower
Massey Ferguson DM1309 9' 3" disc mower
Massey/Hesston 1363 9.8' mower tine conditioner
Massey/Hesston 1363 9.8' mower conditioner
Massey Ferguson 1755M Compact tractor w/loader and cab. 54hp engine & 41.3 @ pto. 12 by 12 Power shuttle transmission.
Massey Ferguson 5710 Cab, 4wd, 100hp engine, loader, power shuttle tranmission
Massey Ferguson DM255 8'4" disc mower
Massey Ferguson 1740M 40hp tractor 4wd w/loader. 12 by 12 power shuttle transmission
Massey Ferguson 2607 70hp tractor 4wd w/loader. 8 by 8 synchro shuttle transmission

We also carry a complete line of Taylor Pittsburgh Cutters, tillers, box blades, grader blades, finishing mowers,3pt spreaders, and plows. Call for avaliability and pricing.


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